Matty Rock Promotions, a subsidiary of Rock The Galaxy Promotions is located in Bergen County, New Jersey, about 12 miles
away from New York City.

We have assembled a group of honest, hard working, like minded individuals to create an entertainment company with a positive
environment for our clients. We beleive the entertainment industry needs a small, boutique company that always has a client's best
interests first.

Our team is comprised of people from all aspects of the entertainment industry, from photographers and managers to video
production and talent agents.

We created this company with the understanding that so many people are fed up and tired from the negative players in the industry,
and we know exactly how you feel.

Obviously there are many companies out there for you to choose from, however we believe if you give us the chance, you will not
regret your decision. Our promise to you is to keep a positive and truthful work environment for you and help you choose a well
thought our career path within the entertainment industry.

Stay tuned, as we have many new things in the pipeline, and will introduce you to some of our artists. Please feel free to use the
contact form above and tell us your thoughts, or how we can help better your career
About Us
Matty Rock Promotions and Management
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